Some recent news:

Approval of new members to the Committee, Carol Calamari, Michelle Korosy and Rosario Mannino who represent a crossection of the real estate industry and buikding trades in the Borough-2/1/18

Annual Reorganization meeting of the Rutherford Historic Preservation Committee to vote on a new slate of officer for 2018. Newly elected officers are:John A. Trosky, Chairperson, Rod Leith, Vice Chairperson, Oksana Baczynskyj-Heimur, Treasurer, Leo Nakashian, Secretary-1/8/17

Planning Board Meeting concerning the possible designation of Meadow Road as "an area in need of redevelopment". This is the site of 12 Meadow Road, the last pre-revolutionary war home in the Borough-12/21/17

2017 Rutherford Historic Preservation Awards Presented to Three Local Homes-119 Wheaton Place, 67 Home Ave. and 136 East Pierrepont Ave. during the Borough Council meeting on 12/11/17

Bergen County Honors Groups for Historic Preservation - 5/6/17  

Rutherford to Kick Off Series Honoring WWI Centennial - 4/7/17

Home Demolitions On the Rise in Rutherford - - 8/16/16

Time Is On the Side of Rutherford's WW1 Monument - - 8/5/16

Rutherford Taking Baby Steps in Saving History - - 4/7/16